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From infancy to adolescence, it is in our younger years when we experience the most growth and development. To ensure that your child is in good health and to keep track of any needs they may have, it is essential to bring them in for annual physical exams. Children's checkups are personalized and designed to look for any potential or underlying issues. Our primary care team has extensive experience in creating personalized treatment plans to help maintain the health of your child. Reach out to our office in Olathe, KS, and schedule a complete exam today.

Your child’s current wellness will likely affect them in the future. With child’s checkups given at UpCare Clinics in Olathe, KS, our skilled primary care team will examine your child, monitor their development, and check for any issues. Benefits of child physicals include:

  • Assessing overall development and vital signs
  • Discovering if any health problems are affecting your child
  • Administering any necessary vaccines or immunizations
  • Allowing parents to monitor and discuss any health concerns

A physical or well-child exam is performed annually to monitor a child's overall health. Practitioners will check height, weight, blood pressure, and often vision and hearing. Additional testing may include blood and urine samples to test for a variety of conditions, such as diabetes, vitamin deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, cancer, and more. We will check for any signs of abdominal abnormalities and listen to the heart for any abnormal activity. If your child needs immunizations, they can be administered during this visit. Older children and parents also have the opportunity to discuss any concerns they may have about nutrition, sleeping habits, dieting, and emotional and social issues, such as depression or anxiety.

I had another great experience at UpCare Primary clinic. They are thorough, patient, caring and answered every question. Completely happy with my visit there.

A.L. Google

Moved back to KC a year ago and it’s been so difficult establishing primary care. Finding an appointment is hard because it’s 4+ months out, but finding a primary care doctor that cares, is personable, and loves what they do is nearly impossible. I was lucky and fortunate enough to find an appointment with Dr. Priya Gujarati relatively quick. Not only that, but she is the unicorn I mentioned above. She’s friendly, listens intently, and truly cares about what you’re going through. I haven’t felt this comfortable at a doctors office in many years. Glad I found Dr. Priya and the amazing staff at UpCare Clinic!

J.S. Google

Great Experience. Very friendly

M.W. Google

Doctor G is very very easy to speak with. It was obvious that she was listening to everything I had to say. I will continue to go to UpCare clinic. I also see the dentist at this office as well. It's very convenient having both in the same office.

M.J. Google

professional and knowledgeable. clean office and rooms.

J.H. Google


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A well-child exam ensures and promotes good growing health. We offer physicals and wellness checks for children at our Olathe, KS office. To prevent health issues from arising in the future, contact us to schedule your child's checkup.

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Could my child need checkups more often than once a year?
If your child is a newborn or toddler, yes. Most pediatric practitioners recommend checkups approximately every other month until 6 months old, and checkups every three-to-six months until they are 3 years old.
My child is showing no signs of illness or chronic conditions. Why is it so important to still get a checkup?
While your child is probably just fine, child’s checkups at UpCare Clinics in Olathe, KS are of the utmost importance because they allow us to monitor your child’s healthy development and test for any underlying issues that aren’t noticeable in their day-to-day routines. Additionally, these visits let them keep current on any immunizations needed for school or extracurricular activities.
Are these visits lengthy?
No. Child’s checkups or well-child visits are quick visits that shouldn’t require much disruption from your or your child’s everyday routine. If we discover something that requires follow-up visits, we will promptly schedule those to get to the bottom of any issue as soon as possible.
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